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Les Lambrequins n°103

Address: 50 chemin Diagonale, 97432 Ravine des Cabris (La)  show map
Location: Saint Pierre

GPS coordinates

Coordinates to device
Latitude: -21.29770714
Longitude: 55.47305184
Latitude: -21° 17' 52"
Longitude: 55° 28' 23"

Directions to Les Lambrequins n°103

After Saint-Louis, take the N3 road towards Le Tampon. At the turn-off marked RN 3 C Basse Terre/Les Casernes, turn right at the Ligne Paradis, at the first roundabout go straight on, then at the second turn right onto the Chemin Diagonale. Carry on for 1.3 km the chalet is on the right-hand side.