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Victoria (Le)

Address: 94, Grand Tampon les Bas, 97430 Tampon(Le)  show map
Location: Le Tampon

GPS coordinates

Coordinates to device
Latitude: -21.29293131
Longitude: 55.54263318
Latitude: -21° 17' 35"
Longitude: 55° 32' 33"


1. Belvédère de Bois-Court
7 mi.

Directions to Victoria (Le)

In the municipality of Le Tampon, head towards Tampon town and at the Au Chandelle roundabout on the main road, turn right towards Bérive. Continue straight on and at the intersection with the CD 36 road, turn right towards Grand Tampon. Go up the street for approximately 2 km. The gite is situated on your right.